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in our room

在我的房间里有··· In my room 在我的房间里有··· In my room

你好! 在我的房间里有··· In my room, there is

my new room my:主有形容词,我的 new:形容词,新的 room:名词,房间

There is a bed in my bedroom.这是There be 句型,固定搭配,

我的卧室有一张床,两个床头柜,一个衣柜,一个书桌,和一把凳子 My in the bedroom there is a bed, two nightstand, a chest, a desk, and a stool

There is a table in my room

This is my room at home. This is my room at house.

直接用Here we are 就行了,没必要说到门口了,很口语的表达方式。 例: here we are, sir 1.先生,我们到了 well, here we are 2.喔,我们到了

in our room

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